Thursday, November 18, 2010

Natural Gas Trade Groups Objecting To Proposed Permit Increases, Other Regulatory Changes

The state’s two natural gas trade groups are speaking out against possible substantial increases on permit fees imposed on natural gas drilling and production activities in West Virginia. The fee increases were discussed at a legislative interim committee meeting held this week. A legislative interim committee is examining possible changes to the state’s oil and natural gas regulations, and a draft of a bill was presented to the committee. The bill in question also proposes changes to spacing requirements, would impose new water use and disposal regulations and create added requirements to minimize adverse impacts on state roadways due to drilling activities and vehicles. Click to read article:

This latest legislative proposal on drilling and production activities is in addition to one that has been drafted the state Department of Environmental Protection. Deliberations on both are expected as the interim committee continues to meeting in advance of the 2011 regular session of the W.Va. Legislature, which starts in January. Lewis Glasser,and its government relations affiliated, LGCR Government Solutions, are closely monitoring these activities.