Friday, January 7, 2011

Marcellus/Horizontal Well Bill Pending Final Action By Interim Committee

Legislation related to the regulation of Marcellus/horizontal wells is on the agenda for an upcoming interim meeting of the West Virginia Legislature’s Joint Judiciary Subcommittee A. The subcommittee has been studying this matter for several months and has developed proposed legislative changes. The bill includes statutory (forced) pooling, water withdrawal and tracking and spacing. The subcommittee is scheduled to meet January 9 and 10 at the state Capitol. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection also has been drafting legislation that is not as comprehensive as the subcommittee's proposed bill.

Lewis Glasser and its affiliate LGCR Government Solutions continue to be actively involved in reviewing and commenting on both versions of the proposed legislation and will be monitoring the subcommittee’s meetings.

This issue is expected to be taken up during the 2011 60-day regular session of the West Virginia Legislature, which convenes January 12.