Monday, February 21, 2011

Vocal Support From Marcellus Producers Needed Now To Preserve Statutory Pooling

A Marcellus Shale stakeholders group worked for more than four hours Sunday night refining a regulatory bill that contains statutory pooling provisions. Although the two most significant Marcellus drillers in West Virginia continue to work to advance the bill, a lack of vocal support from other Marcellus drillers may doom the pooling provisions of the bill. Mineral owners, farmers and small drillers are aggressively contacting their legislators urging defeat of the Marcellus provisions and other regulatory aspects of the bill. The opportunity for forced pooling may be lost if Marcellus drillers do not immediately make their voices heard. Key legislators who should be contacted are those in the north, northwestern and northcentral parts of the state. Legislators and their districts can be identified and contacted by email or toll free phone numbers. See for legislative information.