Monday, July 25, 2011

Former WVU Professor Works To Explain Why Fracking Is Good

A respected former engineering professor at WVU is sharing his views on the benefits of hydraulic fracking in an effort to separate "hysteria" from reality. L. Zane Shuck, a professional engineer and former professor at WVU and WVU Tech, wrote an op-ed on this topic that was published July 23 in The Charleston Gazette. Shuck is an international expert on hydraulic fracturing, holds 12 U.S. patents on energy recovery processes and founded the national Appalachian Rivers Conference and Exhibit to apply advanced technology to protect streams, rivers and their ecosystems.

"Various groups of people who have no technical education or experience in these fields are misleading the public and our elected officials. As professional scientists and engineers, we have certain obligations and responsibilities to correctly inform the public and its governing bodies of inaccurate and misleading information," he wrote.

Professor Shuck adds in his op-ed that "hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technology in conjunction with the Marcellus shale gas is a godsend we should cherish, protect and celebrate."

Click to read his entire op-ed.