Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Onerous Amendments Being Offered To Proposed Marcellus Regulatory Bill

The Legislature's special Marcellus study group met last week to continue its examination and deliberations on a proposed regulatory bill. The committee is using S.B. 424 as the starting point for its work (click to read a detailed abstract of the proposed draft of the bill -- which has been prepared by legislative staff counsel).

The committee also has begun to consider a number of amendments to S.B. 424, and among these are ones that would (if adopted):
1) provide for the suspension of a drilling permit by the state Department of Transportation;
2) authorize the Legislature to study issues involving pit safety and impoundments, radioactive materials and toxins and possible tougher regulations;
3) add regulations and inspections of well site air emissions by the state Office of Air Quality; and
4) impose a new reporting requirement on horizontal drillers who would have to provide certain employee information to the state Division of Labor.

Provided is a link to these proposed amendments: click to read.

The next meeting of the Marcellus legislative study group is expected to be held during the September legislative interim meetings, which are scheduled for September 11-13 in Charleston. Lewis Glasser Casey & Rollins will continue to monitor the special legislative group's deliberations.