Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ehtane Cracker Would Usher In 'Golden Age' For State's Chemical Industry

The President and CEO of the American Chemical Council said Marcellus Shale stands to usher in "a golden age in chemical manufacturing," and West Virginia stands to be a key winner. "We're poised to have a new golden age in chemical manufacturing in the United States if we have the right regulatory policies that allow us to maximize production of shale gas and the conversion of that gas into other products," said Cal Dooley in an article in today's Charleseton Daily Mail. West Virginia stands to be gain significantly because it "is fairly uniquely positioned in terms of population centers, infrastructure and pipelines," he added.

Dooley noted that a $1.5 billion to $2 billion cracker facility would result in:
- about $3.2 billion would be invested in the downstream chemical facilities,
- generate $7 billion in additional chemical industry output in West Virginia, and
- create 12,000 jobs the state's chemical industry and throughout the supply chain.

This also would result in West Virginia moving up from being the 23rd largest chemical-producing state to being the 13th largest, Dooley added.

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