Thursday, May 17, 2012

WV Legislative Interim Study Meetings To Examine Natural Gas Issues

The West Virginia Legislature has established a list of study topics that lawmakers will consider as part of their monthly interim meetings during the remainder of 2012. Of these, there are three key study topics that relate to the state’s natural gas industry. The Joint Finance Committee will take up SCR 38, which calls for a study on whether the State of West Virginia should revise its current Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act. The committee also will take up HCR 106, which calls for s study on how to best use the natural gas Severance Tax from gas produced from shales. Also, Judiciary Subcommittee A will study the relation between seismic events and hydrocarbon production.

Other study topics will include:
- Economic Development: study of legislation enabling the Energy Producing States Coalition
- Finance: SCR 52 - study the need for proposing legislation promoting a shared prosperity from the development and recovery of natural gas reserves in underground shales and other geologic formations and establishing a Future Generations’ Fund for the benefit of the general public welfare.
- Finance: HB 4511 – study the establishment of a Shale research center at WVU

LGCR Government Solutions will be monitoring and tracking activities of these interim meetings, and will provide information and updates as warranted.