Tuesday, June 10, 2014

W.Va. Legislature To Study Several Oil, Natural Gas Matters - Including Lease Integration

The West Virginia Legislature has outlined its legislative interim studies for 2014, and there are a number of oil and gas matters that lawmakers will be examined over the coming months.

Key among these will be another study of “lease integration” by the Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary, and this study will focus on the feasibility of various methods to compensate persons affected by lease integration.  A study of how to handle drill cuttings also will be examined by the committee.

The Joint Legislative Oversight Commission on State Water Resources was assigned two topics:  HCR 51 — examining the need for interconnectivity and other improvements in West Virginia’s water resources and SCR 98 — examining the management of contaminants that can impact public water quality and distribution.

Two other matters will be taken up as part of interim studies - studying “workplace safety issues generally” and “needs or education requirements for future Marcellus driven industries.”  As of  this time it is not clear which committees will be assigned these topics to study.

Lewis Glasser, and its government relations affiliate LGCR Government Solutions, will be tracking and monitoring these matters during the monthly legislative interim meetings across the state.